1400 kg - 1600 kg

Capacity Lift Height Length Width Capacity
Capacity kg Max. Fork Height (2/3 Stepped Lift) mm Length Except Fork mm Width mm Battery Capacity V/Ah
1400 4000/8000 1695 1200 48 /465

Doosan BR14/BR16JW-5 series AC technology used in Reactrucks provides high performance by offering power and efficiency in driving and hydraulic motors.

Compact and high-powered reachtrucks with capacities of 1.4 tonnes and 1.6 tonnes offer efficient, easy handling and perfect load management in intense working conditions.DOOSAN's goal is to reduce the breakdown time of machines to reduce your operating costs and to make freight transport as efficient and safe as possible.

The Doosan PRO 5 series offers both reliable and high quality products to its users. The PRO 5 series was developed based on Doosan's five core competencies in operator preference and performance:

  • Powerful: Reliable Components, Strong Performance
  • Safe: Custom ODB Brakes, Top Operating Safety Features
  • Stable: High Working Capacity, Smooth and Stable Operation
  • Intelligent: Easy to use, Operator comfort is high,
  • Stylish: Modern and Smooth Look and Advanced Color Coordination

* Görseldeki ürün, mevcut stok durumuna göre değişiklik gösterebilir.