1500 kg - 2000 kg

Capacity Lift Height Length Width Capacity
Capacity kg Max. Fork Height (2/3 Stepped Lift) mm Length Except Fork mm Width mm Battery Capacity V/Ah
2000 3300 / 4750 /6000 2029 1119 48 / 575, 690

Doosan 1500 kg - 2000 kg series battery powerred forklifts provide maximum efficiency in warehouse applications. The steering axles of the 3-wheel models rotate perfectly with a 90° angle, thus minimizing the space required for the machine to turn even in the tightest areas. The four-wheel model has new steering axles designed to reduce the turning radius to a minimum, reaching a full 86° steering angle.

Doosan 7 Series Electric Forklifts are in the waterproof class and can be used safely outdoors. The insulated control elements are rated IP65 and the motors are IP43 class closed type motors, all relevant cable connectors and connectors are silicone coated. This means that the components can be completely protected and used outdoors in "dust, debris and liquids".

The oil-cooled disc brake system (ODB) PRO7 series, which requires virtually no maintenance, is available as a standard in forklifts. Compared to conventional on-board brakes, this braking system boosts the life of the brakes 5 times without causing environmental pollution.

Electromagnetic parking brake (EPB) provides unlimited ramp grip by lifting the danger of the machine slipping out of the way, especially when left unattended in ramp or in inclined position. The operator can easily lower the forklift without braking at sloping surfaces.

The angle detection system controls the movement speed in sharp turns. Automatically reduces the travel speed to optimum speed on turns.

* Görseldeki ürün, mevcut stok durumuna göre değişiklik gösterebilir.