1800 kg - 3500 kg

Capacity Lift Height Length Width Engine Power
Capacity kg Max. Fork Height (2/3 Stepped Lift) mm Length Except Fork mm Width mm Engine Power Hp/Rpm
3000 3230 / 4730 2700 1197 65/2600

Doosan 1800 kg-3500kg capacity Pro5 series LPG forklifts are designed for intensive applications in a wide range of production, logistics, outdoor storage and pallet conveying areas. Series Pro5 is ideal for heavy duty conditions.

Doosan's goal is to make your freight transportation as efficient and secure as possible by reducing the breakdown time of your forklifts in order to reduce your operating costs.

Low fuel consumption and high efficiency LPG engine automatically adjusts the valve openings so the engine requires less maintenance. 5 main bearing housing grasps the crankshaft more firmly and evenly, giving the crankshaft more strength and longevity.

Oil cooled disc brakes (ODB):
Almost no maintenance required. ODB is available as standard in all 1800 kg-3500 kg forklift series. Compared to conventional on-board brakes, this braking system increases the life of brakes by 5 times, while not causing environmental pollution. That's why they are under our special guarantee.

* Görseldeki ürün, mevcut stok durumuna göre değişiklik gösterebilir.